Recliner Corner Sofas

ROM's custom made recliner corner sofas offer the very latest technology mixed with beautiful materials that have stood the test of time.
Lean back and put your feet up with one of our many recliner corner sofa options, like the one below.

Recliner Corner Sofas

All of ROM's recliners come in different shapes. The Bellona, Diana, Jupiter, Levana, Remus and the new Versato all come with fully customisation recliner and corner shape options. 

Large & Extra Recliner Corner Sofas

One of the best reasons to choose a ROM sofa is the outstanding versatility. ROM's sofas can be made to any size within 20 and 10am increments and you can have multiple recliners within one sofa, so the whole family can put their feet up. 

Manual Recliner Sofas

ROM's sofas can be manually reclined visit our where to buy page to find out more.

Electric Recliner Sofas

Using it's own controls or with the innovative app, you can ensure your recliner sofa puts you at ease at the mere touch of a button.