Modular Corner Sofas UK

ROM's modular corner sofas are fully customisable and as can be built to any size using 10 and 20cm increments for UK customers. 

ROM offers the very best in upholstered design and the ability to create sofas of any size. The ROM offering is constantly changing 
and innovating, bringing customers new concepts, new lines and new ways of thinking. 

You can discover where to buy a ROM sofa here

Modular Corner Sofa With Recliner









Modular Corner Sofas

Rom's modular corner sofas offer the will fit perfectly into the space you have available and include a range of features, from heated seats,
recliners and app control - find out where to buy a ROM corner sofa here

Versato Modular Corner Sofa Example



Large or Extra Large & Deep Modular Sofas

Due to the made to measure aspect of ROM's modular sofas, we can offer extra large or extra deep versions to fit any size you like. The image below gices you an idea of how customisable they are. To start your discussion visit our where to buy page

Extra Large Modular Sofas