Extra Large Comfy Corner Sofa

Extra large corner sofas. Handcrafted to your size and modular specifications for extra comfort

ROM's extra large corner sofas are made to measure and add that extra bit of comfort to larger rooms. Adding a touch of innovation and style has never been easier with our modular designs coming with electic recliner options that use the latest technology.

Large Sofas Made To Measure

ROM's large and extra large sofas can be designed to fit the largest of rooms because they can be built to any size in 10 and 20cm increments. Most of our models come in 20cm increments and are modular sofas by design, this gives you even more flexibility and choice when choosing the best fit for your large space.

Fabric & Leather Options

Here at ROM it doesn't matter how large you want to go, we will find a leather or fabric that will be fit your needed.

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Design your sofa exactly how you want it.

  • Select a model

    From contemporary to classic, there’s a ROM sofa to suit all tastes. Begin by browsing the collection to find your ideal model.

  • Choose your sofa style

    Whether a corner group, a home cinema set-up or a timeless three-seater, select the perfect sofa set-up for your home and your needs.

  • Choose your size

    Any size goes! Each sofa is built to your exact specifications in width increments of 20cm. Choose your ideal sofa size to fit perfectly into your home.

  • Configure your sofa

    Explore the endless configuration options from varying armrest sizes to longchair and terminal styles and create a sofa that delivers the ultimate personal comfort.

  • Select your comfort functions

    From adjustable headrests, footrests and seat depths to seat warmers, personalise your sofa’s comfort functions to create a sofa that adapts
    to you and your lifestyle.

  • Find your fabric

    Choose from 250 fabrics and 60 leathers to find your perfect sofa covering.

  • Finishing touches

    Decide on those final details to complete your dream sofa.

  • 3D visualiser

    See how your sofa will fit into your home.

Limitless size and configuration options.

  • Create a corner sofa

  • Then add a recliner...

  • And an armrest...

  • And even extra seat depth

Design & Comfort Functions.


    Benefit from the extreme comfort of electronically controlled seating thanks to the RELAX system. Easily adjustable, customers are able to rest their feet on the far-reaching electronically controlled footrest.


    Available as an individual option for every seat on the sofa, including corner seats, ZEN brings you the ultimate customisable comfort. Through easy electronic control, this headrest option will deliver the perfect level of relaxation.


    Whether sitting, lying or even sleeping, VARIO provides total flexibility. Available for every seat surface, customers are guaranteed to find the perfect sofa depth for every mood.

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