How to Achieve a Smart Home.

POSTED: September, 15, 2016

Technology never ceases to amaze does it? Whether taking the form of driverless cars, drones or even 3D printers, it's hard to ignore the fact that we are living in an innovative and exciting time, and our homes are no exception to this!
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5 Interior Trends to Watch Out For in 2017.

POSTED: August, 18, 2016

We don't like to get ahead of ourselves here at ROM HQ but as much as we hate to admit this, there are only a couple of weeks left of summer. Before we know it there will be a brisk chill in the air, the leaves will be falling from the trees and we'l...
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7 Ways to Declutter Your Home.

POSTED: August, 16, 2016

Sometimes, life just simply gets in the way and before you have had time to blink, your house has accidentally turned into a disaster zone. If you're reading this and you can relate, have no fear! We've collected the best tips and tricks the Internet...
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How to Add the finishing touches to your home.

POSTED: July, 27, 2016

When it comes to buying a house, people often assume that the process of buying is the most difficult part of the process. But what happens after you've been handed the keys, and have moved your furniture in? How do you go about making your house...
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Two-Seater Sofas from ROM.

POSTED: July, 14, 2016

If you're struggling to find the perfect sofa for your living room, why not consider a two-seater sofa? Ideal for households with smaller living spaces, two-seater sofas may be smaller in size, but they're guaranteed to make a big style statement in...
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Get the Look: Diana Edition.

POSTED: June, 22, 2016

Does this gorgeous room-set featuring our Diana sofa inspire you to redecorate your lounge? We show you how you can replicate this serene style in your own home below!
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