The Latest Smart Home Trends.

POSTED: July, 24, 2019

There was a time not too long ago when the notion of a completely 'smart' home seemed all too futuristic and technologically advanced. Products like Amazon's Alexa skyrocketed in popularity as the latest must-have gadget but it still seemed as though...
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POSTED: June, 17, 2019

The latest addition to our Versato collection, the new made-to-measure Tofane sofa is a versatile and contemporary design. Luxurious yet relaxed, stylish yet unique, this customisable sofa is suited to any home.
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2019 Spring Interiors Trends: There’s Nothing ‘Beige’ About This Trend.

POSTED: May, 16, 2019

Spring is the perfect season for a refresh, revamp and restyle. The improving weather encourages homeowners to start their spring clean and that often includes updating any tired furniture. One way to freshen up your home is to choose on-trend colour...
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Introducing the new Prince Chair from the Rico collection.

POSTED: April, 18, 2019

Say hello to the cooler, younger and trendier version of the elegant and stylish King and Queen armchairs, aptly named the Prince chair. Joining the Rico collection this month, the new style will make the perfect addition to any modern home, due to i...
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A Guide to ROM Sofas: Versato vs. Signature.

POSTED: March, 22, 2019

The second part of our guide to our collections brings us to the Signature and Versato sofa ranges. When it comes to functionality, style and design both these collections tick all the boxes! Featuring some of our most recent technology and innovatio...
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A Guide to ROM Sofas: Premium1 vs. Premium2.

POSTED: February, 14, 2019

Choosing the right sofa for you and your home can be a long and sometimes confusing process. With so many designs, functions and styles to choose from it's hard to know where to start.
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