A guide to creating a cosy living room .

POSTED: October, 23, 2019

As the clocks go back and the leaves start to turn, our eagerness to curl up and spend more time tucked away in our homes begins to kick in. Let’s face it, on a cold autumn or winter’s day, sometimes there’s nothing better than spending the weekend snuggled up on our sofas, watching films or reading our favourite book. The change in season brings the age-old question to light – how do you create the perfect cosy living room? From choosing the right sofa to setting the mood with your lighting, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to creating the cosy living room we all desire.


First up, your sofa choice. Now, it may seem obvious that a vital part of creating your cosy living room scheme is what you’ll be sitting on, but it does often get overlooked. Your sofa should be suited to you and your comfort tastes. We all like different things, whether it’s super squishy cushions or firm seats, and so it’s extremely important to make sure you choose a sofa that will work for you and your body. Think about how you like to sit, do you like to put your feet up? Are you impartial to a heated seat? Or do you like to stretch out? How you sit and get comfortable will dictate your ideal sofa choice, so just make sure you consider all of your comfort quirks to make sure you don’t regret your choice.


You’ve chosen your perfect sofa, now’s the time to add some extra cosiness! When it comes to scatter cushions, make sure you opt for a selection in a variety of sizes, as this will help you get into your ideal comfortable position. For an extra plush feeling, faux fur and fluffy cushions can really add more comfort and warmth, but don’t go too overboard, less is more when it comes to different textures in your living room. From wool throws to chunky knits, there’s no denying that we’re a nation of blanket lovers! It’s important to strike the perfect balance between feeling warm and cosy and not looking like you’ve moved your bed down onto your sofa. Choose a material that you find comfortable and that can be easily folded over the end of your chaise longue or sofa arm to make sure your living room stays neat and tidy all through the colder months.


It’s a no brainer – you can’t feel cosy if you’re cold! The ultimate goal in cosy living, a wood burning stove or open fire is guaranteed to set the scene for a cold winter’s evening. The crackle of burning wood and the inviting glow that comes from a fire can transform your living room into a perfect comforting and inviting haven. If a fire isn’t an option for you, there are plenty of other ways to make sure you keep warm. From hot water bottles and heated seats, to hot chocolate or even an extra blanket or two, make sure you stay nice and toasty to ensure you can fully relax and enjoy your cold season down time!


Lighting can change the atmosphere in a room entirely. When it comes to a cosy living room space, side lamps, dimmable bulbs and of course candles, are all your friends! Ensure that your lamps are within arm’s reach, this will help you instantly set the mood when you’re settling in for a good film or TV drama. Scented candles will help to create an inviting and calming environment whilst pillar candles in hurricane vases on the coffee table and candle stands on a mantel can be that finishing touch of cosiness needed to elevate your cosy levels.



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