POSTED: August, 23, 2019

A natural, fully dyed Nubuck water buffalo leather, our new TOGO leather is a versatile and contemporary material offering a unique and timeless finish.

Having spotted a trend for worn and weathered sofas, our design team decided to create a material of our own. The TOGO material is made from Nubuck, a vintage looking leather, similar to suede, with the difference being that it is created from the outer side of a hide. This gives the material more strength and thickness, allowing it to stand the test of time.

The unique selling point of the TOGO Nubuck leather is it’s purposefully created to show up marks and scratches. With consumers leading busier lives than ever before, they are looking to find simple yet stylish solutions for the home. Homeowners will no longer have to worry about general wear and tear as the material has been designed to continuously change over time, aging like a fine leather, whilst remaining on-trend. This also means that each design will have a unique pattern, something which homeowners are increasingly seeking.

TOGO is an unspoilt material choice, which is breathable and temperature regulating. Embracing the new leather will allow homeowners to enjoy something different to other materials on the market, helping to create a statement in the home. TOGO can be used for various pieces of furniture, whether it’s an armchair, sofa or occasional chair. Beautifully detailed, this new leather will add extra texture to a room, due to its slightly roughened material and can be easily paired with a similar fabric for an understated look or partnered with a clashing print to create a dramatic contrast.

The TOGO leather is the epitome of relaxed and contemporary style, a timeless material, which will age beautifully and suit either contemporary or traditional homes.



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