Cosy Sofas, Heated Seats.

POSTED: November, 26, 2018

It’s that time of year again. The temperature has dropped, the blankets are out and we’re spending much more time curled up on our sofas trying to keep warm. From roaring fires to hot water bottles, we’ll pretty much try anything to keep warm, but there’s one thing you might not have considered yet. Heated seats! Yes, that’s right. Right there on your sofa, keeping you nice and toasty all evening.

Here at ROM, we believe in making you as comfortable as possible and we don’t ever want to have to say no to our customers. We want to give you the luxury of choice and make sure that your sofa can fulfil all of your requirements, whether that’s providing you with enough leg room for the whole family, adjustable seat depths or integrated USB ports. So if you’re prone to being a little bit chilly and you’re used to spending your winters piled under blankets with your thickest pair of socks on, think about heated seats for your new sofa… you won’t regret it!

Available on our Premium2, Versato and Signature collections let ROM keep you warm from the bottom up with its clever integrated heat technology. Head into your local retailer now and start building your dream sofa on the iROM app!


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