The Latest Interior Colour Trends.

POSTED: October, 18, 2018

There’s no denying that over the past few years, our homes have become more filled with colour than ever before. Whether on our walls or on our soft furnishings, the trend to embrace bolder and more vibrant shades in the home has continued to increase in popularity. As we look to 2019, bolder colour choices will continue to remain present within interior décor, in particular when it comes to deep blues and greens, however we are also noticing a trend towards embracing a new type of neutral palette. Not just simply a range of greys and off whites, these ‘new neutrals’ carry warm terracotta or pastel undertones, to deliver colourful yet soothing interior schemes. Here at ROM, we’re all about embracing individual style and unique design, so we’ve taken a look at our favourite trends that are going to be making their way into our homes next year.


Terracotta Tones & Spiced Honey Hues

Strongly linked to the trend of embracing natural materials in the home, 2019 sees the introduction of warmer base colours. Shades such as Dulux’s Spiced Honey are the perfect example of how to integrate warm and inviting shades into the home to create a relaxing and cosy atmosphere. Paired with rustic, natural materials or complementary ochre and spiced tones, terracotta shades are making their way into our homes on our walls, floors and furniture.  

Images: Dulux, Benjamin Moore, ROM


Calming Neutrals

A few years ago, it was all about pastel colours. Now and looking ahead to 2019, the trend for pastel hues has combined with the desire for a calming and neutral palette, creating a whole host of shades that not only bring hints of colour and serenity into our homes but also act as a beautiful backdrop to our interiors. Last month, Farrow & Ball unveiled nine new colours that demonstrate this trend perfectly. From the warming undertone of Jitney to the pared back hue of Sulking Room Pink, it’s clear to see that our homes are likely to embrace colour but on a more soothing and relaxing scale. Combining a palette of 16 complementary shades, Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year, Metropolitan AF-690, also alludes to a search for calm and respite within interiors.

Images: Dulux, ROM, Farrow & Ball, Benjamin Moore


Greens & Blues

Arguably an expected progression of the popular trend for embracing nature in the home or ‘bringing the outdoors in’, our love for deep greens and blues seems to be continuing to grow without showing any signs of slowing down. With brands such as The Little Greene Paint Company introducing a dedicated green palette at the end of this year and kitchens continuing to be the perfect backdrop to deep navy hues, we’re sure that our desire to be bold with teal, navy, turquoise and forest green in our homes will only get stronger in 2019.

Images: ROM, Benjamin Moore, The Little Green Paint Company, Pinterest

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