POSTED: August, 2, 2018

There’s no doubt that a new sofa is an investment piece and one that you want to stand the test of time, in terms of both style and functionality. If you’re looking at buying a new leather sofa there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to colour choice. Are you going to go for a staple white leather corner sofa? Or a bold standout red leather sofa? Before you take the leap and make the decision, have a read of our four-step guide on how to choose the right leather sofa colour for you and your home.

1. Are you starting from scratch?
The colour you choose for your leather sofa will very much depend on whether you are decorating a room from scratch or if you are buying a sofa for an existing and decorated living space. If you’re working with a brand new room this gives you a bit more flexibility when it comes to colour choice as you have a blank canvas to play with! When decorating from scratch the best idea is to start with your leather sofa colour and decorate around it. Choose your colour palette carefully especially when it comes to your walls and floors. You might think it’s a great idea to paint your walls the same colour as your sofa to create a perfectly harmonious scheme, but it’s important to acknowledge that changing the colours in years to come won’t be easy. To avoid repainting or getting a new sofa entirely, make sure you choose shades that you know you’ll be happy with for a really long time! Ultimately, you need to decide whether you want the sofa to blend in with your décor or if you want it to be a standout accent feature. Making this first decision on the role your sofa will play in the overall scheme will provide you with the stepping-stones you need to find the right leather colour for your home.

2. Decide on light or dark
Once you’ve thought about the role your leather sofa colour is going to play in your living room the next step is to consider whether you’re going to go for a light or a dark colour.  There are a few factors to consider at this stage, the main one being how is the sofa going to be used and by whom. Do you have messy kids to consider? Or a fluffy friend that might be snuggling up on the sofa with you? If you have a big black dog that likes to roll around in muddy puddles, you might think twice about a white leather corner sofa! And similarly, if you have three kids under the age of five who have a tendency to leave mucky handprints or food everywhere you should really take this into consideration when deciding whether to go light or dark. There are of course a number of stain resistant leathers and our Aquaclean material is perfect for a busy household, read more about it on our blog here.

When making your decision, think about the colours that will be surrounding your sofa. Look at your floor and think about how it will sit in the room, this will have a big effect on the light in your living room. If you have a really dark carpet, an equally dark sofa might feel a bit lost, whilst a slightly lighter one with a different colour leg will help to make the room seem more spacious and less boxed in. Always remember to think about your accessories and surrounding living room furniture. For example, lighter coloured occasional furniture will look great next to a dark sofa and ensure your whole living room doesn’t feel too gloomy. 

3. What colour should you choose?
Your final colour choice will ultimately be determined by whether you want your sofa to be the focal point and standout piece of your living room, or whether you want it to blend in seamlessly with your interior scheme. Do you want to create a pop of colour and work the rest of your room around it? Or would you rather play it safe (as many of us do!) and opt for a sophisticated neutral grey or beige and inject colour and detail through accessories?

White is an all-time favourite when it comes to leather corner sofas and is definitely one of the most versatile colour options. The perfect blank canvas, a white leather corner sofa will give you the freedom to accessorise and decorate your living room however you like, as after all, white goes with everything! From pretty pastels to stylish monochrome, a white sofa is guaranteed to give you the flexibility you need to create a beautiful living room space.

For a classic leather look opt for a shade of brown. From lighter tan tones to darker traditional browns, there are a number of colour options to consider. Go for a brown that will work with the light in your living room to make sure it stands out in all the right ways and add a hint of colour to your space through cushions, throws and rugs – teal is a popular colour choice as a complement to brown tones.

Another undoubtedly popular leather colour choice is of course black. The perfect option for a sophisticated scheme, an elegant black leather corner sofa is guaranteed to make a style statement. Work the rest of your furniture and accessories around the sofa to create a perfectly harmonious living space.  

4. How to add the finishing touches
For those that aren’t quite brave enough to go for a brightly coloured sofa, this is where you’ll be able to have some fun! From the ever-popular monochromatic Berber rugs to pops of yellow cushions, your accessories will complete the whole look of your living room. If you have opted for a bright coloured sofa, think about how you want your overall scheme to look and feel. Accessories in equally bright yet contrasting colours will result in a vibrant and energetic scheme whilst a monochromatic or neutral colour palette will work with a brightly coloured sofa to create a subtle and on-trend style statement.

If a leather corner sofa is what you’re after, have a read of our other blog all about not cutting corners on your comfort! For all the help and advice you need on finding your completely unique leather corner sofa, head over to our Where To Buy page and find your local retailer.

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