Tailor made sofas.

POSTED: June, 28, 2018

Here at ROM, we believe that your sofa should be tailored to your individual comfort needs and your lifestyle. Offering endless possibilities, our sofas are custom-made to meet your requirements, meaning you don’t have to compromise on comfort or style. Combining beautifully crafted designs with state-of-the-art technology, we pride ourselves on bringing you the ultimate in tailor-made sofas.

Tailor made sofas with a sleek contemporary feel

 Gone are the days of bulky systems and noisy motors, when it comes to recliners, we know that we offer the best. Discretely tucking away under the seat, our sofas cleverly integrate electric recliners into the design, meaning that your sofa can continue to look beautiful in your home even when not in use. Complete with a dual-motor system, our Signature collection offers an additional deeper recline as the seat sinks whilst your legs extend, providing even further comfort. With the added benefit of being able to control your functions with a neat remote control, being comfortable has never been so easy.

Have you ever looked at a sofa and thought it looked great but as soon as you sat on it you realised it wasn’t comfortable at all? A common problem with contemporary sofas is that even though they look the part, the low back design doesn’t provide any neck or head support. We like to think we offer the best of both worlds at ROM. With adjustable headrests, you can opt for a sleek modern style without having to compromise on your comfort, and with the added option of adjustable seat depths, you can guarantee you won’t have to uncomfortably squash yourself onto your seat!

Each and every sofa we make is completely made-to-measure and tailor-made for every customer. From the layout and size to individual functions, your sofa is created to suit you and your home. Find your local retailer to begin your journey to creating your dream sofa!

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