Velvet Sofas From ROM.

POSTED: May, 14, 2018

In case you haven’t noticed, velvet is a bit of a big deal at the moment. From crushed to soft chenilles, this sumptuous fabric has definitely taken the interiors world and in particular our living rooms by storm. After all what’s not to like? It’s plush, soft and looks amazing in all the bright colours that we are currently embracing in our homes. With a reputation for being difficult to maintain, we thought we’d take the time to rebuff the longstanding cons of velvets and explain why ours are the perfect choice for a busy, pet-filled or clumsy household.

Is a contemporary velvet sofa suitable for a family home?

From food stains to accidental spillages, a busy family home is guaranteed to generate a fair amount of stains. Thanks to our AquaClean stain resistant material, a simple wipe of water will clean our velvet sofas. Whether it’s a drop of wine or mucky handprints, put an end to your worries about day-to-day spills with our extensive Kaleido velvet fabric range.

Pet-friendly velvet sofa?

No matter what the fabric, pet owners will often consider their sofa choice based on the colour of their pets’ fur or their tendencies to climb the furniture. A common complaint when it comes to velvet is that it is a magnet for animal fur, however, our smooth Kaleido velvet fabric is antistatic, which means hairs are easily removed so you don’t need to worry about being covered in fur every time you sit down to relax. Another main concern of pet households is the damage that those claws can do to your lovely newly purchased sofa! Thanks to its intelligent protective layer, our velvet Kaleido fabric is impervious to those pesky claws as it won’t hook and leave any nasty loose threads.    



How much choice of size and colour can you have with a velvet sofa?

There’s no denying that a sumptuous velvet sofa oozes style and character. Adding depth and definition to the shape of an upholstery piece, velvet can help you make a real style statement.  From bright reds to deep emerald greens, our stunning collection of fabrics means you don’t have to be restricted by your colour choice. Combine your chosen colour with our contemporary Signature collection or our brand new Versato range to ensure you get the exact configuration and features you’re looking for.

So there you have it, if a velvet sofa is what you want then don’t hold back, there is no reason to! Find your local ROM retailer here and start your journey to finding your dream sofa! 

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