Find Your Perfect Sofa Layout.

POSTED: January, 29, 2018

Two-seaters, three-seaters, corner sofas, left hand facing, right hand facing…. there are so many sofa styles and sizes to choose from. When thinking about your perfect sofa layout, it’s important to consider how your room will be used.

Which way is the TV going to be facing? Where is the fireplace located in relation to your sofa? Do you need enough room for the kids to run around? These are all questions you should be asking yourself when planning on buying a new sofa.

Here at ROM, our sofas are completely made to order. Each and every customer’s sofa is made from scratch exactly how they want it, ensuring that whichever sofa style you choose is guaranteed to seamlessly fit into your home.

Truly made to measure, our custom-made designs will fit in any room, as they are available in any size in 20cm increments. With the added benefit of optional electric recliners, adjustable headrests and seat depths and even seat warmers, we will help you find your dream sofa that is perfectly suited to you and your home.

So if you’re struggling to find that perfect fit, take a look at our sofa collections here and find your nearest retailer on the ‘Where To Buy’ page to start your journey to finding your ideal sofa! 

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