5 Interior Trends to Watch Out For in 2017.

POSTED: August, 18, 2016

We don’t like to get ahead of ourselves here at ROM HQ but as much as we hate to admit this, there are only a couple of weeks left of summer. Before we know it there will be a brisk chill in the air, the leaves will be falling from the trees and we’ll be dragging our trusty coats and jumpers out from the back of our closets.

 But what does this shift in seasons mean for interiors? Well, people are already looking ahead to what will be dominating the trend pages in 2017, so keep reading for what you can expect to see coming to the forefront of interior design!



Interior Trends - Terracotta and Cork

Credit: Contemporist, Tizianatsoni, Tizianatsoni, Mid Century Interiors

2016 saw the use of natural materials in the home take off in a big way, and that trend isn’t going anywhere… sort of. Certain materials that saw a lot of love this year won’t be making quite the same mark next year. Copper, marble and rose gold will stay in 2016, whilst designers will look favourably on rustic Italian materials like terracotta and cork. Already billed as the new marble, expect to see a lot of cork items everywhere next year! We’ve already spotted a cork handbag, so you heard it here first…




Interior Trends - Jewel Tones

Credit: Fashion Squad, The Berry, Honestly, Keitha

As always, certain colours come and go within the interior world. This year was the year of the pastels, but next year, get ready for rich tones inspired by eastern design to dominate your colour schemes. Amethysts, emeralds, and opals add a sumptuous touch to interiors, and the loud injection of colour is a playful step away from the minimalist colour trends of 2016.




Interior Trends - Escapism

Credit: Décor Pad, Jaquelyn Clark, Coco Kelley, S Interior Design, Bookbub 

Technology is shaping more and more of our lives, but if expert predictions for next year turn out to be correct, 2017 is the year where we start to move offline. Reading nooks, and places to escape with a good book and relaxed furniture will be one of the interior must haves for next year, so now is the time to work out where you can carve a little bit of extra room (and time!) for yourself. The beauty of this predicted trend is that it is all about creative and inventive use of space. Extend a window seat, transform the cupboard under the stairs or even carve out a recessed space in a wall for the perfect reading retreat, the options really are limitless!




Interior Trends - Statement beds

Credit: ShopStyle, Gallery, From The Right Bank, Bedmonkey, Domayne

Often found in hotels or period mansions, statement bedsteads are making their way into mainstream design, and if you ask us, we think its been a long time coming. Replacing the much loved square timber frames that have been dominating the market for years, this luxe approach to sleeping is set to stay, so don’t be afraid to go bold. Detailed backboards, lavish velvets and stunning shapes mean that you are guaranteed to find a bed frame that not only looks incredible, but will also slot effortlessly into your existing décor scheme. 




Interior Trends - Contouring

Credit: Running Amuck, Etsy, Still Stars, Style Me Pretty, Mazama

You may be familiar with the makeup trend that spiked in popularity after reality star Kim Kardashian announced that she was a firm fan, but now it seems that contouring has moved away from our faces, and into our interiors. A trend that takes inspiration from the natural lines seen throughout nature, be that rock formations, crevices or river beds, you can expect to see this movement most prominently in surface design for statement pieces like kitchen islands or tables. Alternatively, you can also look to a subtler interpretation of the style as a print, either on ceramics or soft furnishings.   

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