Using the latest technology, ROM’s Aladin sofa control app allows users to set their own favourite seating positions at the touch of a button. Delivering the next level in personal comfort, the intelligent app can save up to four different positions per seat, programming them directly into the sofa system. Simply download the app, then sit back and relax. 

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Smart technology.
At the touch of a button

From app to button: All four positions are programmed into your sofa system and can be retrieved using the discreetly hidden buttons. 

Personalised memory settings.
Providing comfort for all

With each seat able to save up to four different positions, the easy-to-use Aladin app delivers comfort for the whole family.

Whether you’re resting your head to watch TV, putting your feet up to read a book or extending your seat depth to get comfy, Aladin allows each person to enjoy their own favourite positions. Ideal for a busy household, your sofa can also be reset back to normal simply at the touch of a button! 

Available on all premium2 sofas & cocoon chairs

Choose from a stunning range of sofas and chairs, from stylish contemporary designs to comfortably classic shapes. The innovative Aladin app is available as an extension on all of ROM’s Premium2 sofas and Cocoon recliner chairs.


How do I save my favourite positions using the aladin app?

Download the app to your smart device, launch it and then select your home network. Determine your preferred seating position and save the setting and repeat this for up to four settings. The Aladin app is available to download on Apple and Android devices.

I do not have my smart device on me - do i need it to control my seating position?

Once you have saved your settings on the app, Aladin is able to work without your smart device. To retrieve your saved positions, simply press the discreet button on the side of the seat you want to control.

Can I control one seat with several smart devices at the same time?

No, the lock system guarantees that only one smart device has access to a seat. Whoever registers for a seat first, chooses the settings. A second device can access the system of another functional seat in the set.

Where do I get furniture that is compatible with aladin?

Visit a chosen ROM retailer to see the sofas and chairs that are compatible with the Aladin app.

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